small business


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  • Scope

    Stable companies
    with $1m-$8m EBITDA

  • Focus

    Businesses that may not fit
    traditional private equity model

  • Flexibility

    Open to non-control investments
    and flexible investment horizon


Moa Capital is a private equity firm focused on small businesses with EBITDA of $1 million to $8 million.

We invest in companies that may not fit the traditional private equity model due to factors such as size, customer concentration, management change or low growth profile.

We offer flexible capital solutions that are not restricted by time horizon or limited to control investments.


Investment Criteria

  • Stable business and industry


  • Ebitda

    $1m – $8m

  • Low operational complexity

  • Growth


Investment Strategy

Industry consolidation

Partnering with a proven operator to execute on an industry consolidation strategy

Low growth, but stable

Great companies that don’t necessarily have exponential growth potential

Management succession

Identifying and partnering with an outside operator who can take over management

Non-control growth equity

Companies that have the potential to scale materially, but require growth capital and/or operational assistance


Apartment Guardian
Goodyear, AZ
Investment Date:
May, 2020
Founded in 2012, Apartment Guardian is a leading provider of safety solutions for the multifamily property industry. Apartment Guardian's products and services increase workplace safety for employees, while lowering insurance premiums and litigation risk for property management companies.

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